Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos Panagiotis Argirou

Terrorstimmung in Athen

On 01/11/2010, after we have already delivered two incendiary packages to Suisse Mail on Astidamantos street and to ACS on spirou merkouri street, in Pangrati, send to the Mexican embassy in Athens and the address of Eurojust in the Hague, we are surrounded by police officers of the DIAS group and arrested. In our possession were found two more packages of incendiary packages destined for the presidential residence of Nicolas Sarkozy in France and the Belgian Embassy in Athens.

As revolutionaries we do not recognize any interrogating authority. So, we were bound to refuse to apologize to cops and investigators, since our revolutionary position only before the public and comrades we feel as a duty to promote.
We declare ourselves, therefore, hostages of the revolutionary war, proud members of the revolutionary organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire. We do not regret anything and we support all commniques and actions of our organization, as well as those that will happen from now on, which made us and will make us proud.
We Support with all our soul the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, because it is also a part of our soul. We pride ourselves in our selection to find ourselves in a position of attack against the system.

Even through the difficult conditions of detention we will not stop showing never or clear views and positions on armed violence, urban guerilla warfare and the revolution.
Comrades, let us not allow them to take from us even a drop of land.
Comrades, lets break the apathy and social stupefaction.

Lets blow up the regularity of society once and for all.

P.S. There is no more beautiful way to show solidarity and the widening of the revolutionary consciousness than the continuation and intensification of diverse guerrilla action.
So we send our most sincere comrade greetings to the Guerillas, which in spite of the times continue to shine with fires of hate the miserable nights of the metroplois.

In the campaign for international solidarity to foreign organizations and imprisoned fighters, a communique of the organization will follow.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire -Commando Practical Theory"