Is That The Gambia We Dream?

Bakoteh Youth and Police Intervention Unit (also called Paramilitary)

When I think of The Gambia the smiling coast of Africa so many question come to my mind such as.

Where are we heading to?

Is that Democracy?

Are we in the era of constitutional hijack and coup?

Are we in the era of selective justice?

Are the youth well informed?

Is that The Gambia we want to see where folks are treated based on their loyalty to a political party?

In rebuilding a new Gambia we want to live for our children’s, all hands should be on desk despite of our political differences and ideology. Therefore The Gambia first before any other thing else. The Gambia is small in size when looked at the world map but believe you in me her people have gigantic brains and minds.

Previously,  Kanilai bigot the unusual as a bitter confrontation between the peaceful protesters and Senegalise soldiers at the entrance of the village letting to blood shell. Resident of the rural settlement and the Foni environs demanding the immediate evacuation of both the Gambian and Senegalese soldiers in Kanilai.

The protesters were shot on their route to Kanfenda resulting to some civilians sustaining injures some in critical condition and one fatal, by the name Mr. Haruna Jatta as a result of gunshot. Who was laid to rest on the 06th June, 2017 in his native village Kanilai. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

If Edward Francis Small were to arise from the grave yard and witness the killing of innocent protesters. How will he fell? He will be disappointed to see such in The Gambia he dream where one day will be the last place of peace on earth.

The Faroto folks also demonstrated which ended to riot and resulted to the burning of cars owned by individuals but known were shot with a life bullet neither a tear gas was used unlike what was done to the people of Kanilai and environs.

Brother Baboucarr Sey once organized a press conference and a peaceful demonstration which lead to his arrest and detention.

In Bakau the Police were also being attacked by the angry, irritated youth as a result of arresting the drug dealers. The Police are not enemy to any one since you are innocent you can live with them peacefully without fear. They are maintaining peace and order to make The Gambia the heaven of peace. The question one might ask will be how on earth should one fight a Police Officer who is executing his/her task as per the constitution of the land?

Of recent the most madness, psychosis, stupidity, foolhardiness occurred when angry folks register their total dissatisfaction through dumping the collected waste at the Mayor’s office. This attitude is on Gambian, undemocratic mathematically calculated and wrongly executed.

The Mayor’s office is not own by him neither me no you it is owned by all Gambians. Dialogue is very important since it create the room,   space and the opportunity to reach peace. This reminds me of the former American president John F. Kennedy when he said “Never fear to negotiate and never negotiate out of fear”.

NEA is this malicious attitude not a violation of anti littering? If yes then the victims should be arrested and face justice as per the laws of our dear mother land.

The other question one might ask will be since the Bakoteh dumpsite is temporary closed where will be the waste placed? When the place was closed was another option given?

Registering grievance through conflict, inconsistency and violence will not solve an issue. The people of serrekunda voted Mr. Yankuba Kolley through the democratically ballot box. Therefore if he is not meeting up their demands as per promised during campaign. Let them vote him out through the same ballot box or through the formal constitutional procedure as per the local government act.

To my surprise there was a bitter confrontation between the PIU. Officers and the people of Bakoteh, but none were shot with a life bullet neither ECOMIG forces intervened. Rule for one rule for all should be our motto in life in ensuring peace.

President Barrow cannot do it all therefore through collectivism we can achieve his great philosophy dream “one Gambia, one people and one nation”.

Finally I wish to inform all that I will never and shall by no means write as anonymous and shall continue to fight to ensure peace and stability and the injustice for the voiceless as far beyond mountain Kilimanjaro. If need be to cross the red sea I will do so!!

God save The Gambia. Amen……

By: Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Blogger/ Activist