This billboard will make them so mad!


The Premier of Queensland is supposed to look after our Great Barrier Reef. It’s their job to make sure this world heritage area can be enjoyed by generations to come. But right now, Annastacia Palaszczuk is doing the exact opposite. She is literally giving the Reef a death sentence by doing deals with Adani and their dangerous coal mine.


If we can show her that every time she chooses to side with coal over our future, she will pay, we can get this government to change their tune.


So we have a message to show her, a message that is impossible to ignore. And we’re going to put it up in Brisbane for hundreds of thousands of people to see.  Will you chip in to put up this hard hitting billboard next week in the Brisbane CBD?


The Queensland state election is coming up soon so Queensland Labor will be looking to save their inner city seats safe. If we can show tens of thousands of voters and people coming into the city that putting the Reef at risk by backing Adani, then we can show them they need to walk away from Adani's dangerous coal projects once and for all.


Crowdfunding this billboard is a powerful act. We can show the Premier just how many people are willing to do anything to stop this mine.

Together we’ve been putting the heat on Palaszczuk since before she was elected. Labor was elected with a mandate to protect the Reef, and not give special treatment to Adani because of pressure from ordinary people. Since then, all she’s done is side with Adani and spruik coal.


Don’t let her get away with it.


Together we can stop the relentless expansion of coal in this country if we stop Adani’s climate wrecking mine from going ahead. Right now we are at a critical point in this campaign, Adani are strapped for cash, so we need to make sure we do everything we can to stop the flow of taxpayer money to a multi-national coal company - Palaszczuk has the power to do this by blocking the NAIF loan from the federal government.


With the help of SumOfUs, a global organisation taking on big corporations, we’ve been able to get part of the way to funding this billboard. We just need $4000 extra to make it a reality. Thank you for standing up to protect our Reef and future.


Gemma, on behalf of the whole AYCC team.


P.S. It shouldn't have to come to this. We shouldn't have to put billboards up in Brisbane to get Labor to realise that supporting Adani is a bad idea. But here we are. This billboard will make Palaszczuk think twice about backing this climate wrecking project -- chip in what you can to make this billboard possible.



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