Gambia: Manjai alkalo speaks of dumpsite


The Alkalo of Manjai has finally spoken regarding the closure of the Bakoteh dumpsite.


By Madiba Singhateh

Mr. Momodou Salieu Gomez said he heard of the closure of the dumpsite from people, but was never informed by either the KMC or Government. Mr. Gomez said what he knows is that all the waste generated in the Municipality, is dumped at the Bakoteh / Manjai dumpsite.

He said the closure of the site is good for the community as the pollution that emanates from the site affects the livelihood of the people living in the area.

He said all the wells in Manjai are polluted because of the dumpsite and people are banned from drinking water drawn from those wells. He said people have contracted all types of sicknesses as a result of the pollution caused by the dumpsite.

Alkalo Gomez further said the site should not just be left closed like that; that a project of some sort should be put in place to benefit the long suffering community of the area that have suffered with their families from the pollution caused by the dumpsite.

The Alkali denied allegations that he did not support the closure of the site. He said he did not talk with any government official regarding the dumpsite and that he did not also order for the reopening or closure of the site.

When contacted, Mr. Abubacarr Jeng from Trustee Associate, said they informed the Alkalo about the steps they are taking, regarding the dumpsite.

Mr Jeng said the Alkalo directed them to the Councilor of the area, because he was sick.