How many Gambians are either repartriated or are on the way to be rapartriated


Foroyaa - QUESTION OF THE DAY Many Gambians have left the country for different reasons. However there is no denying that the sending of remittances has been a major motivating factor for the migration of migrants to other countries, especially the youths. Now it is clear that the road to the developed countries is being blocked so that there will be no back way.
Those who find themselves inside those countries are being sent to detention centres in those countries and sent back home.

Reports from Gambian returnees reveal that countries like Libya where instability prevails are being used to make it impossible for those migrants to reach Europe. They are being subjected to inhuman and degrading punishment as deterrent to others in order to discourage them from taking the journey.

It is important for the government to establish a reception centre for the returnees so that they could be given proper counseling by experienced and competent staff in order to give them further guidance and support to have a new start.

Many of these young people are yearning for jobs or means to start a business in order to make a living. At least a country that is discouraging the use of the back way must be ready to engage partners to support projects for the economic empowerment of the youths.