Gambia: Let’s Rebuild Foni!


(JollofNews) – The Kenya’s post-election violence took place in January and February, 2008. The fighting resulted in 1,133 casualties, at least 350,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), approximately 2,000 refugees, significant, but unknown, numbers of sexual violence victims, and the destruction of 117,216 private properties and 491 government-owned properties including offices, vehicles, health centers and schools.

Let me finish by saying that if our Foni society permitted to do what their brain was capable of doing: their incredible entrepreneur skills, needed to make our society achieve development, happiness and living in peace and meaningful life.

“People who sow seeds of discord by preaching tribalism, racism and religious misunderstanding should find another place to go.” They don’t deserve to live with us at all and they are a threat to humanity, peace and global security.

My brothers and Sisters we don’t have anything. The only thing we have is Foni, therefore let’s re-built Foni, let make Foni great again.
Is that the Foni we want to see which attract the attention of the media?

Oh. Foni, Oh my people is that the Foni we dream? Let’s re-unite, let’s re-built Foni. Through dialogue we can restore our lost victory we are known for which unionism.

Foni doesn’t belong to a Mandinka neither a Fula nor a Jola, but belongs to all tribes both those home and abroad. Politics is over let’s heal the wounds and work together for a better Foni. Let’s us not see one another as enemies but rather brothers and sisters. Let’s the past incident be a thing of the past.

Peace is the only religion for both man and the universe. In a peaceful environment all good things are possible, whereas in the absence of peace, we cannot achieve anything of a positive nature, either as individuals, or as a community, or even at a national or international level.

In such a situation, the question arises as to how peace is to be established in society? The only answer is the magic three-lettered word: Sabr (patience). Sabr is the key to having a peaceful society. A peaceful society requires avoidance of friction, tolerance, positive thinking, and the ability to retain one’s emotional equilibrium, even when provoked.

Peace is a product of a positive mental attitude, while violence is the result of negative thinking. Peace is the natural state of society; violence is an unnatural state. Peace is as much in accordance with nature’s plan as violence is against it. When peaceful conditions prevail in a society all activities take place in their proper form. But if the atmosphere of peace is disturbed, the normal functioning of society is disrupted. This law applies to man, as well as to the entire universe.

I encourage you to see yourselves as multipliers and peer leaders in peace-building activities, as well as agents for dialogue and inclusion in your various communities.

I hope that we will be messengers for the peace we want, and advocates and pioneers for the projects and initiatives that can make a difference in rebuilding a new Foni we want.

When I look at Foni, I see the youth who are armed with Bazookas and AK47s ready and determined to fight against the enemy of peace across the length and breadth.

I pray to God to guide and protect Foni from the cast of evil spirit. Amen!!

Long Live Foni!!

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou