Foroyaa has received information that two members of the Gambia Armed Forces were arrested and briefly detained in Kanilai before being transported to Yundum Barracks on Saturday, 3 June 2017.

By Mustapha Jallow

When asked the reasons behind the arrest and subsequent detention of the two Soldiers, the source could not establish any reason but can only confirm the arrest and detention of Modou Lamin Badjie and Yusupha F. Sanneh, both Lance corporals of the Gambia National Army.

When asked for confirmation, GAF spokesperson, Lt. Col. Omar B. Bojang indicated that they have arrested the accused persons in the names of Modou Lamin Badjie and Yusupha F. Sanneh, both Lance corporals, for failure to perform their duty, thereby compromising the reason for their deployment in Kanilai.  He said as a result, the two have been withdrawn and their case is being investigated by both the Military Police and Military Intelligence Unit.

‘‘The two Lance Corporals were not doing their job properly and are still under detention awaiting disciplinary action. The matter is being investigated in order to ascertain what led to their lack of performing the military duty they’ve been assigned to do,’’ he said.

The constitution of The Gambia has spoken clearly on detention without trial be the person a military or civilian personnel. There will be an infringement on the right of any citizen detained for more than 72 hours, without the person being brought before a court of competent authority.