Nuclear and climate news to 11 June

President Donald Trump may have pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, but that didn't stop California Governor Jerry Brown and Chinese President Xi Jinping from signing their own climate agreement in Beijing on Tuesday.

Of interest:   Radiological and nuclear incidents - the IAEA database In the anglophone world, nuclear and climate are not top of the news at the moment, but are lurking not far beneath it. Terrorism events enhance the concern about radiation - "dirty bombs" etc.  Theresa May's unsatisfactory result at the British election makes it harder for her to negotiate the exit from the European Atomic Community (“Euratom”). In America the unfolding saga of the the sacked FBI director Comey, and the  investigation into Michael Flynn and the Trump election campaign, has now revealed Flynn's involvement in a truly weird nuclear marketing scheme.


As for climate change action - well, China is taking over the leadership. China and California are setting up their own climate accord. A joint commitment to fight climate change - European Union and China. America is really "still in it" as More than 1,000 U.S. governors, mayors, investors, universities, and companies  pledge to meet the goals of the Paris agreement.



Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel released his report on future energy planning. I think that the report is good. It is real realpolitik, in the light of all of Australia's political conflicts about energy. The report just might let PM Malcolm Turnbull actually get some energy planning happening - nothing extreme in its promotion of renewable energy, nothing that would promote the coal power industry, while allowing it to die quietly. Nuclear is not mentioned, nor is it condemned.

NUCLEAR.  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill declares the nuclear waste importing plan "dead"

ANSTO's Dr Adi Paterson signed Australia up to New Nuclear club with NO Parliamentary discussion!   Senator Scott Ludlam asked inconvenient questions at Senate Estimates Committee about Australia's role in nuclear weapons ban negotiations.    Australia's diplomats called "weasels" on Australia's stand against nuclear weapons ban treaty

Senator Scott Ludlam asked inconvenient questions at Senate Estimates Committee on the cleanup of the Ranger uranium mine


  The ABC explains Australia's new major energy review - the Finkel Report. Giles Parkinson analyses the Finkel Energy Report - and finds it mediocre at best. Dr Finkel says that clean energy target will benefit households and businesses. Pro-coal Liberals oppose Finkel energy report, Greens not happy either.

Australians overwhelmingly want govts to favour renewable energy, even if it costs more.

South Australia reaches its renewable energy target 8 years in advance.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Traditional Owners fighting Adani mine query Labor’s support for Native Title Bill  Adani announces "green light" for expanded coal mine, but still hasn't got the finance. Adani ‘investment decision’ meaningless without Indigenous consentReligious leaders in active opposition to Adani coal mine project.


NORTH KOREA. Defiant North Korea vows to continue its nuclear weapons development. No answer in sight, to North Korea's march toward nuclear capability.

EUROPE. Leaders of Germany, France and Italy reject Trump's suggestion of renegotiating Paris climate accord.


President Trump sets the world stage for a new nuclear arms race.

 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident - where to put the radioactive trash?. 

Secret MOX Plutonium Fuel Shipment Planned From French Gov Owned AREVA To Japan -Trump Administration Approved with Tillerson as Lead.

 Distress and disarray in the U.S. nuclear industry.

New York ex-mayor Bloomberg leads the way in generous offer to make up USA's funding to UN climate action.

Global warming is killing off America's coral reefs.

JAPAN. Ibaraki nuclear research facility under scrutiny after accident; gas suspected in rupture. 5 Workers Exposed to Radioactive Materials at Oarai Nuclear Research Facility in Ibara. Decommissioning of Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor Accepted by Fukui Governor,

Fukushima. Thyroid Cancer Plagues Fukushima Evacuees, But Officials Deny Radiation to Blame. Fukushima town, Namie to receive compensation.  Trial of Three Key Tepco Executives Starting. 80% of voluntary evacuees not yet returned to Fukushima Prefecture.

UK. Dangerous cargo of radioactive trash flying from Scotland to South Carolina.

GERMANY. German Chancellor Merkel says budget not affected by court ruling to refund nuclear taxes.

RUSSIA. Legacy of improperly managed radioactive sites across Russia.

INDIA. The high cost of new Units 5, 6 at Kudankulam Nuclear power - most of it owed to Russia

BRAZIL. Brazil following US in rolling back climate protections.

AFRICA. Solar lamps tackling poverty and ill-health in Africa.

ANTARCTICA. Massive crack in Antarctic ice shelf is near to breaking.



Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia