Gambia: ARRESTS IN FONI Following Friday’s demo


On 3 June 2017, in the midst of tension, PIU officers were in riot gears including gas masks and truncheons and were effecting arrests. Some of them were armed with rifle. They could also be seen chasing some youths. An arrest was also effected from the home of the deceased Haruna Jatta.

By Mustapha Jallow

A list of arrestees provided by the villagers included the following who were held at a fire rescue station in Kanilai before being transported to Bwiam: Anthony B. Jammeh, Babucarr Tamba, Pa Jammeh, Alh. Betten Sanyang, Assan Badjie, Hama Badjie, Mamajang Jallow, Saidu Manga. Pa Sanyang and Jatou Badjie.

The Minister of the Interior, Mr Mai Fatty said in his statement that a total of 22 have been arrested in connection to the Kanilai incident.

While at Kanilai on 3 June the military could be seen patrolling the streets. The youths were seen wielding cutlasses and there was often push and pull between them and the security forces.

Inspector Foday Conta, the police spokesperson indicated that the arrests included females. When further asked he said “as for reasons we would not disclose their names or places of detention but what I can say is they are in our custody.” When asked whether they have been charged, he said they could be charged.