Gambia’s Opposition Calls For Investigation Into Shooting Of Unarmed Foni Protesters

The protesters were shot by security officers

(JollofNews) – An opposition party in the Gambia  has called on the Gambian regime of President Adama Barrow to launch an immediate investigation into Friday’s shooting of unarmed protesters in Foni.


The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) said it condemns the use of live ammunition by officers of the Senegal led military intervention force in the Gambia.

The party said it was really unnecessary for the soldiers to pull their triggers at unarmed civilians who were holding a peaceful protest.

One man was killed and six others were injured when soldiers barricade the road and fired live ammunition at the protesters who were demanding an end to the militarisation of their community.

The Government of Gambia has refused to condemn the shooting and has instead blamed the protesters of engaging in provocative acts against members of the security forces.

The minister of Interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty, even when further to accused the protesters of carrying traditional weapons at the demonstration.

Both the demonstrators and independent witnesses have denied the allegation, describing it as completely unfounded.


The GDC said the heavy response by the security officers defeats the purpose Gambians fought against during the 22-year rule of President Yahya Jammeh.

“The incident is a catastrophic intelligence failure and demonstrates the government failure to stitch together our much divided society,” said Mamma Kandeh, leader of GDC.

“The government’s snail pace in path to reconciliation will only further divide our society. GDC urges government to investigate the incident and address the situation without delay.”