Gambia: Kanilai In Flames; As Senegalese Soldiers Reportedly Shot At Two Demonstrators


Amid Increasing Calls For The Withdrawal Of The ECOMIG Forces In Foni!

Kanilai is in flames! Angry villagers have been burning tires demanding that the Senegalese troops, who are part of the ECOMIG forces to leave the residence of former dictator Yahya Jammeh. The village is chaotic at this hour. The young, the old, and elderly have thronged the main Kanilai road venting their anger at the presence of the ECOMIG troops in the village.


Reports have it that one villager was shot at on the hand. Blood could be seen oozing from his left hand. “ We are warning the fire service personnel not to put off this fire. If they attempt to doze off the fire, we will deal with them. This is a warning. We are ready to die,” one youth man remarked. The fire was spreading around the village.

Speaking in the local Jolla dialect, the villagers cursed out President Adama Barrow. They repeatedly insulted President Barrow and his government. “We are tied of this regime. We need Yahya Jammeh back again,” said another protester.

An elderly Jolla Woman spoke about missing dictator Jammeh. She said Barrow’s government is not the promised regime for the Gambia. She also said she is ready to face anything, but she will not leave the streets. She marched with the protesters to confront the ECOMIG forces.

Two people were reportedly shot by the Senegalese forces. They were rushed to the Bwiam hospital for treatment.

The protesters vowed to occupy the streets until such a time that the ECOMIG forces are withdrawn from the locality. They communicated threats against the regime of Barrow.

The ECOMIG Spokesman was contacted by phone, but he was indisposed for comment. His cellular phone went on voicemail when contacted by the Freedom Newspaper.