The past week in nuclear and climate news


The English language news media hops about from one theme to another. While the nuclear crisis about North Korea seems to continue- the focus has shifted to the USA's President's credibility problem. Well, as long as he's the focus, I guess that Donald Trump is happy, anyway. Meanwhile the present drama about the computer hacking of hospitals and businesses has taken on a more sinister aspect. People now realise that  computer hacking could affect nuclear power stations , even perhaps nuclear military sites. A new twist to this subject is the realisation that "cyber warfare" - to paralyse a country's computer systems, could become a more satisfactory way for an enemy to attack, rather than use nuclear weapons. Analysts now consider North Korea as potentially able to use this method.


Investigative journalism lives:  Close to Norway - Russia's secret nuclear weapons build-up, and waste dumps





You wouldn't know that a Parliamentary Committee is about to rubber stamp a plan for Australia to put money and resources into developing new nuclear power plants, despite our laws prohibiting this, now would you?   

  1. Compelling argument against Australia joining the Framework Agreement for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems.  
  2. NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION! Australia's Generation IV Nuclear Energy Accession.  
  3. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) must be transparent on costs of its nuclear research: Generation IV nuclear reactors - high cost for little benefit.

The military connection to the push for advanced nuclear reactors in South Australia. SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S NUCLEAR MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

New South Wales National Party to embrace nuclear energy.





Next generation nuclear power is unlikely to save the industry from bankruptcy. The nuclear industry in financial meltdown


CLIMATE. April of 2017 was the Second Hottest in 137 Year Climate Record.   Severe coastal floods set to double in number, as sea levels rise. 19 May Climate News. Climate change could kill off all coral reefs by 2050.


RENEWABLE ENERGY. Lego goes for 100% renewables.   World’s biggest wind turbines now generating power off UK coast.




India diverts 'peaceful' nuclear materials to weapons development. India plans to build 10 nuclear reactors. India's secret radioactive horror story - Jadugoda.



 British Labour Party supports renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent, disappoints many voters. NuGen's Moorside nuclear project in limbo - unstable and unsustainable. Britain's new nuclear danger: cyber security attacksScottish Renewables publishes manifesto for 2017 UK General Election.



Global nuclear lobby very upset at election of South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in. Nuclear power in South Korea is forcefully opposed by Catholics.



South Africa's formidable anti nuclear women ready to take on the government again. African government still determined to sign new nuclear power agreements. No costing for South Africa's nuclear build programme.



New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged to pull the plug on nuclear bailout, as lawmakers work against it. Inadequate radiation shielding for USA workers handling highly radioactive liquid waste from Canada. USA signs up to Arctic agreement for action on climate change.


GUAM America neglects Guam atomic test victims - hopes they all die?



Japan restarts another reactor. Mayors near Hamaoka nuclear plant say wider consensus needed for reactor restarts. In Fukushima, a land where few return. Fire crews finally extinguish Fukushima blaze in no-go zone as officials battle "radiation rumors".  Families do not want to return to polluted Fukushima areas.  Diet Bill requires Tepco to create fund for Decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi.



Switzerland to vote on promoting renewables and banning nuclear power.



Scathing criticism of Ontario's proposed plan for nuclear plant emergencies


Chang Hsien-yi, the Taiwanese scientist who tried to save his country from nuclear war.


Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia