Gambia: Daba Marena’s Wife Questions the whereabouts of her Husband ...

Daba Marenah

... After being missing for more than 11 Years Yafa Kinteh, one of the wives of the former National Intelligence Agency (NIA) Director, Daba Marena who was arrested in 2006, visited Foroyaa’s office on the 16 February, to raise concern about the whereabouts of her husband. Daba has been missing for more than 11 years without appearing in court for any trial.


By Nelson Manneh

Madam Kinteh said her husband was arrested since March 2006. According to her, her husband left home for work and did not return home. “The following day at night some soldiers together with other plain clothes personnel escorted my husband to the house and searched the house but could not find anything, so they took him along to an unknown location. We made several visits to the then NIA office but could not have access to talk to the then director Pa Jallow. We also heard on the national radio (GRTS) that they are transferred to Janjangbureh prison,’’ she explained.

According to Daba’s wife, for 11 years now they have not known the whereabouts of their husband and he has never appeared in court which contradicts the law, which says all those arrested should be released or taken to court within 72 hours. “We just want to know whether he is alive or dead,’’ she noted. She called on the new government and the security forces to help them to know the whereabouts of their loved one.

Madam Kinteh explained that when the new government came into office, she visited the Inspector General of Police to find out the status of their husband since President Adama Barrow announced that all detainees who are unlawfully detained without appearing in court should be released but the IGP told her that they will investigate the matter. She added that they are yet to see him which makes them question whether he is dead or alive. “We just want the authorities to tell us whether our husband is alive or death," she emphasised.