The Good Fight - new website about martial arts

The Good Fight

The Good Fight is the first comprehensive English-language resource for the anti-fascist martial arts movement, and a community-building platform for all people who believe that the fighting arts and athletics can play an important role in improving people’s lives and the struggle for a better world.


We believe:


The more good people who know how to fight, the better place the world is.


While the corporate sports industry promotes excess, trash-talk and narcissism, we need to restore the principles of honour, ethics and sportsmanship to competitive fighting.


Martial arts are of tremendous benefit for marginalized and at-risk youth, and an essential anti-bullying tool.


Regardless of age, martial arts and athletics can transform people’s lives and are an effective weapon against depression, hopelessness, addiction, alienation and self-destructive lifestyles.


We support:


The anti-fascist martial arts movement in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.


Fighters and athletes as role models, community leaders and activists.


Boxing clubs and dojos that play a positive social role in their communities.


The women’s self-defence movement, and all efforts to empower vulnerable groups with the means to defend themselves against physical and sexual violence.