Gambia: EU Parliamentarians Seek ‘Severe’ Sanctions Against Jammeh

Members of the European Parliament in Brussels

(JollofNews) -Members of the European Parliament (MEP) from the five major political parties have written a strongly worded letter to the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,  Federica Mogherini, calling on the European Union to immediately implement severe sanctions on former President Yahya Jammeh.

Exiled Gambian President, has been accused of stealing millions of Dollars in his final weeks in power and shipping luxury vehicles out of the country. He left Gambia late Saturday for Equatorial Guinea, following a deal brokered by the Presidents of Guinea Conakry and Mauritania that guaranteed him safe passage in return for him to step down.

“We are writing to you in your capacity as the as the high representative of European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to convey our deep and serious concerns for the post-election situation in the Gambia.The EU must be prepared to implement severe individual sanctions targeted at Jammeh himself as soon as possible,” the MEPs wrote.

They also applauded the decision of many prominent institutions and individuals within Gambia for their condemnation of former president Jammeh`s action to thwart the democratic will of the Gambian people.

“It is a mark of how important Jammeh`s defeat was to the Gambian people that these organisations and individuals citizens have step forward to oppose him,” letter stated.

“He has done this with the self-serving aims of retaining power for himself and avoiding prosecution for the numerous and serious human rights abuses allegedly committed under his rule”.

The MEPs noted that former President Jammeh`s rule has been marked for its severe and brutal oppression of all opponents and dissenting voices, as outlined in the European Parliament resolution on Gambia. This has led to a toxic regime where freedom of speech has been fundamentally restricted.

“The European Parliament has actively been monitoring the situation in the months leading to the election with our May 12 resolution, registering the dire situation in the country.The parliament also send a delegation from the Human Rights Subcommittee to the Gambia in September to see the reality on the ground first hand,”.they added.

Members of the European Parliament, also hailed the Gambia`s Presidential election as a beacon of hope not only for the Gambia but for sub-Saharan Africa, and applauded the Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for conducting a free,fair and transparent election.