Gambia: JAMMEH finally leaves the country

Ex president Jammeh

Yundum 21 January 2017 – The Former President Mr Yahya Jammeh was airlifted from the Banjul International Airport on Saturday 21 January 2017.



Mr Jammeh was accompanied by the Guinean President Alpha Conde together with some of his cronies.

Mr Jammeh and his entourage went with two flights, Mauritania Air and flight VP-CBT, which was said to be a government flight from Equatorial Guinea.

Reports have it that these flights landed at Guinea and later proceeded to Equatorial Guinea where Mr Jammeh would be staying in Exile.

The carrier labeled Mauritania Air was seen carrying Mr Jammeh’s Family with some of his aides which is a big flight and the other flight is a small one which Mr Jammeh boarded together with the Guinean President Alpha Conde with some few people.

It was a long day for Journalist who started waiting for Mr Jammeh’s arrival since around 1pm up till around 8:45 when Mr Jammeh and his convoy arrived with other dignitaries including Alpha Condeh and Muhammed Ibn Chambers, the UN special Envoy.

The high delegation were accompanied by all the Gambia’s service chiefs, and later when Mr Jammeh arrives, it lead to the singing of the Guinean National Anthem followed by the Gambia National Anthem and later Mr Jammeh shook hands with dignitaries until he finally bordered the flight.

While Mr Jammeh was boarding the flight, many APRC supporters and some security personnel on the ground were crying.

At the other part of the Airport,  a lot of people were seen singing and dancing. Immediately when Mr Jammeh’s convey reached the airport they booed at him asking him to leave the country with this voice. “We don’t need you, go”.

After Mr Jammeh departed around 9:15pm, both Mr Jammeh’s supporters and the supporters of the new Gambian Government were exchanging some words at the airport.

Meanwhile at Westfield a large crowd of youths were standing in groups waiting for Jammeh to pass. Many of them were holding postcards demanding Jammeh to be arrested and for the National Assembly to be dissolved.

Before the arrival of Jammeh a lot of vehicles were seen carrying luggage and bags, taking them to the flight.

About 13 expensive vehicles were seen packed at the Airport. An official at the airport said they are owned by Mr Jammeh and a cargo plane is coming to pick them up.

According to a source at the Airport, the first cargo plane was able to carry 3 out of the 13 cars that were to be flown. Other materials were also carried along. The source added that the cargo plane is expected to come back and pick the remainder.