Solidarisches Transparent für Marios Seisidis, Kostas Sakkas und für allen Politischen Gefangenen

Freiheit für Seisidis und Sakkas

Solidarische Grüße aus Hamburg (Kulturzentrum Gängeviertel) für die im Griechischen Knast sitzendum Genossen Marios Seisidis und Kostas Sakkas.

Letter from imprisoned anarchists Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis (Greece)


On August 4th, because of a random police check just outside Sparta, the journey of freedom ends. Two different paths ended, two different beginnings, which however converge on a common purpose. That of freedom. The freedom that was not given to us and was not granted even for a moment. Contrarily, each one of us, in our own way and with our own characteristics, fought very hard for something most consider obvious.


We fought for every free glance to the sky, every free handshake, every free hug, every free breath.


We asserted what the persecutory mechanisms deprived us of, our only weapons the endless desire for freedom, but also the courage we took from the thought that we also continue to fight for those who stayed behind.


On the other hand, on the opposite of freedom and life itself, we came up against the uniformed murderers of the state, the obedient dogs, the servants of the bourgeoisie and its capital. Those who did not hesitate to shoot at us from behind, those who tortured us because we instinctively did the obvious, trying to escape from their hands.  

However, even if the bullets found their target, it would have killed us and not our ideas. Because very simply, the tenacity of freedom is intact over time from all sorts of persecutors and their weapons.


Because what we envision will never fit in the hollow heads of authorities. And this is why, even if they kill us they will never succeed in erasing the vision of revolution, which will continue to inspire by passing the baton of the struggle to the next.


From the first moment of our arrest, the known media sewage began washing up in a systematic way. With various badly fabricated scenarios, they attempt to connect people and situations which are completely unrelated with each other, in order to “prove” the theory of communicative vessels in any possible way.


This specific tactic does not surprise us and we know the purpose it serves. But they will not get their way.


In the recent years, both of us have received tons of mud and misinformation from the planted crows of journalism, and we know very well the obsessive revanchist practise of the anti-terrorist force against people it has targeted. We remind them however -because they know this very well- that you cannot fool people for ever and no way will we be an easy prey for their teeth.


Someone is arrested with weapons… they are a terrorist.

Someone is arrested with shorts and sleeping bags… they are disguised into a tourist so no one knows they are a terrorist.


So the journalists should know, that unreliability and ridiculousness has hit the top and not their audience numbers.


Concluding, we salute all the comrades who stand by us, since words are too little to describe our emotions when we saw the dozens of solidarians in the courts of Evelpidon. It was factually proven once more that solidarity has no holidays or vacations.


Besides, during all these years of clandestinity we did not feel alone even for a moment.


P.S. Analytical statements about our cases and the incidents that took place will follow in due time.




Marios Seisidis
Kostas Sakkas

Translated by Act for freedom now!