Abgar to turn Whitehouse into Green Meadow

Abgar Sr. gave an interview on the latest row between Chile and Unitedstates. After revocation of diplomatic immunity, the perpetrators in the Santiago National Heritage Museum incident are fearing for their lives


Q: Let us begin with the facts.

A: After a formal visit of a group of American diplomats to the National Heritage Museum in Santiago de Chile, operators detected that an entire collection of 20th century needleworks from an indigenous reservation had gone missing, including description signs. Only an empty cabinet with lights turned off remained. The diplomats who had displayed interest in learning about the specific qualities of work which can be produced in concert with herding children had not been strip-searched and shoulder-watched by museum staff, and the digital alarm system failed due to unresolved cracking in its cloud resources. The director complained a horrible loss of materials not yet fully researched and is calling for his board to make a snap decision to exhibit only fully researched items to the public.

Q: What’s so special about the booty?

A: Everyone can walk a message into the snow. But if you have to drive it in with a herd of reindeer such as in the widespread Christian tale, the set of tracks that can be produced by the method is limited by tighter technical conditions than in the standalone reference example, although both are about walking messages into the snow.

Q: And what is the message?

A: The heritage museum’s director is calling to exhibit only fully researched items to the public from now on. The needleworks display household chores in the life of the tribes including early pedagogic instructions for recycling materials and waste reduction. The research focus is on environmental pedagogic tailored for the early childhood. The visitors were hinted at the items due to their children focus, but did not display an environmental focus.

Q: What did the diplomats say?

A: Denial is a brother in arms. The loss was noticed only after they had left the museum. Chilean diplomats said they could do little more than monitor the market for appearances.

Q: Do you have a motive?

A: There might be several ones. One, self-enrichment in one form or another, but that is a shallow motive here because you can hardly make use of these research results without betraying yourself to your source. Two, hate crime. I mentioned that description signs were gone as well. But there was a description that remained, because the items had been moved from the historical to the pedagogic section, and it had remained there due to its historical nature. The items were a remainder of a pillage of a tribal village by School of the Americas trained paramilitary thugs which had been overlooked in a fireproof corner and later donated. But that was not visible in the pedagogic section and there is no reliable proof indicating the visitors knew of it.

Q: Do you think so?

A: One hand is laundering another. One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. Watching Unitedstates conduct we get to see both. I think they cannot have known of it without it having been the motive. It is totally excluded that this aspect played any role as a matter of secondary importance.

Q: More?

A: Three. A few of the museum’s board members are related to families carrying legacy guilt in the Pinochet era crimes. Taking discord proliferation as a motive, the choice for the most attractive item to steal would be something the director will be missing very urgently while some board members might not even loose a breath over it. A discord motivated perpetrator with undisplayed insight into the board configuration would have to be suspected to make exactly the choice of what has gone missing. I think on the issue of the relevance gradation the same is to be said as in the hate crime theory.

Q: What do you feel?

A: For me, it was a busy day. At the bus stop I ran into a kindergarten group whose leader just complained about stress overload. A bruised little boy was making noise about wanting to eat the berries from the twigs reaching on the asphalt. Two women and a bus load of children were waiting. I explained them that they were both right, yes these are edible berries as the boy said he knew from his parents, and yes it was a bad idea to eat any here, as the lead woman said she knew from her training. But the boy was also right that her argument did not add up, because in an industrial area you have more risk from exhaust pollution than from dog walks than in an apartment area. Yet in principle these specific berries were edible. Before I could mention that it had rained last week the bus arrived and to my surprise the driver waved me through. Then another bus load of clients called in and I had to advise them on their health issues without being a nuisance to other passengers in transport because I was scheduled to speak at a conference. But my service record is telling as little as 9/11 stock market irregularities.

Q: So what is the message?

A: Besides handling the kindergarten, I was busy with looking into Judaeo-Christian scripture. There is an unfulfilled Jewish prophecy which says where their messiah appears there would be a phoney satrap claiming he had provided a dummy stable for his birth as to help bring about his coming. But none of the Christian scriptures claims fulfilment thereof. Exactly the opposite, four in four say the herders at the cradle were actual herders and not wolves in sheepskins. For comparison, only one in four mentions the travelling sages at all, but that is sufficient to get a work-free Christian holiday through parliament. The 2K68 prophecy is interesting as a deep anchor for human rights arguments against totalitarian entrapment.

Q: Do you have a clue?

A: From here on it is all pure speculation. On the issue of 2k68, my position has always been that causality evasion compares to tax evasion like bank robbery to theft of comestibles. What is interesting so far is that one board member said that the mad rants of Unitedstates candidate Trump had caused it to change its position in favour of the director. But that had already happened before the incident. The director said the assistant employee who directed the visitors to the cabinet did not know of possible background associations in accordance with the scientific method of double-blind handling. There was no mistake found. I do not think that the rumours by gunatic fringe conspirates in Unitedstates that the museum was not donated the items but would have stolen at least some of them from the tribe could be taken as a clue. The interest to produce distractions from the SoA fallout is able to induce both rumour and motive independently of each other.

Q: Do you have a conclusion?

A: I hope the diplomats’ face-saving interests cannot be twisted into a pretext to delay returning the booty, and of course that they did not make any further mistakes which might end up lethal. Until hope is confirmed, it can be said that the case is going to be a standard setter. The reciprocation is to mirror the eventual degree of the hate crime and discord crime elements. If Unitedstates entitles itself to commit crimes as to complete its earlier crimes, or to soften their targets up for more crimes later, that is the standard to be applied to them. In a nutshell, the 9/11 attack would be legalised as well as any future efforts to complete it. I do not know whether Unitedstates would like to have that on top of their record.

Q: Is this a call to apply Wikileaks upon SoA?

A: Absolutely. If you want to end the London Siege and the Moscow Blockade, contribute to help puzzling Trans-Caribbean relations together entirely anew from maximum entropy.

Q: How do you assess the Chilean government’s reaction?

A: Too little too late is a mountain in Louisiana. The irregularities with digital alarm systems were more than sufficient already to revoke the bastards’ diplomatic immunity. Now, before puppets cease being puppets they want to be our puppets. But that kind of needlework was not preserved in the first place. If you sell guns to puppets then you may indeed end up with good reasons to fear for your life. The appropriate doctrine for handling imperialists and fascists is to teach their lizard brains that whatever blowback they have already accumulated, they can always make it worse for themselves. Which of course is not an invitation, but another way to say they can never make it worse for others without making it worse for themselves. When we handle both puppet players and puppets that way then we do not depend upon their reaction. My assessment is under no circumstances should we depend on it.

Q: Are you saying Chile is withholding evidence from the National Heritage Museum Director?

A: It is more likely that it is withholding evidence from the alarm system administrator. There also is rumour that the director opposed the visit but had been asked by the national government to contribute to a generous impression.

Q: Finally, do you think the national government does have any evidence against Unitedstates that it could pass on?

A: You know, in Chile I don’t know means I don’t know whether I want to tell you.

Q: I don’t know whether I want to thank you.

A: I want to tell you thank you for preserving your inter-generational heritage.