NEW BORDERS - OLD TRICKS?! - Labour market policy, migration and social segregation in the EU

Public discussion with:

- Joanna Bronowicka (from the Polish party “Razem”)

- Sandro Mezzadra (migration researcher, Member of EuroNomade Network)


While technocrats all over Europe seize the opportunity of crisis to cut workers’ rights and push for a further precarization of labour, also the German Ministry of Labour has produced a further tightening of the system of unemployment benefits: By introducing 80 cent jobs for refugees, limiting EU migrants’ right to benefits, and increasing sanctions for the unemployed, new internal borders are created that segregate workers according to their nationality and resident status.

Across Europe, this is accompanied by racist outcries of right-wing EU critics as for example during the recent Brexit campaign. Together with Joanna Bronowicka from the Polish Party “Razem” and migration researcher Sandro Mezzadra, we would like to discuss the relation of labour and migration in the European Union, the recent labour market reforms, attacks against migrants and scope for action.



Discussion in English with German translation Event organized by Blockupy Plattform Berlin


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