(B) Veranstaltung gegen Olympia - in Rio und überall

*Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics: Exclusion and Resistance * There were around 80 thousand people evicted from 33 communities in Rio de Janeiro, since 2009. Just in 2015, 644 people were killed as a consequence of police operations, lots of them part of the militarization of /favelas/. Environmental negative impacts and land speculation increased in an accelerated level, as part of the result of the "Olympic city". And the democratization of media turned to be a distant horizon.


To highlight these things behind the scene and the olympic atmosphere, several social movements have taken action since the city's election to host the Olympic Games 2016. To reveal these violations during the period of the "olympic party", a network of around 100 social movements called Rio 2016, Jogos da Exclusão (Exclusion Games), organized diverse activities to take place in different visible places of the city of Rio. They got together in the effort named /Jornada de Lutas/ (Journey of Struggles), starting the actions on 1st of August and running until the end of the Games.


It is a result of a political struggle that has been documented (Here is the Mega-events and Human Rights Violations in Rio de Janeiro Dossier 2015 version: https://issuu.com/mantelli/docs/dossiecomiterio2015_eng_issuu

In connection with Jogos da Exclusão, an event is planned in Berlin this Thursday (18th of August from 4 to 10pm).


It is an event to highlight and discuss violations in the context of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, as well as the resistance performed by the social and grassroot movements in Rio de Janeiro and in other cities of the World. One of the noteworthy parts of the event will be a Roundtable with representatives from Brazil, Russia and Germany to talk about the resistance and the debate around the Olympics and other megaevents as capitalistic megaprojects. There will be a Photo Exhibition called "Revelações Olímpicas"(Olympic Revelations) with the participation of professional photographers, residents from communities affected by evictions and amateurs that were awarded in the Photo Contest; artistic performances and a screening of a miniserie from a producer in Rio de Janeiro, also part of the program of the Exclusion Games.


*Details:* Title: Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics: Exclusion and Resistance


Where: Nachbarschaftakademie, at Prinzessinnengärten (Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin)


Time: From 16h to 22h http://www.nachbarschaftsakademie.org/event/exclusion_and_resistance_olympicsrio2016/


*Event's program:* 16h Opening of the Photo Exhibition “Revelações Olímpicas” (Olympic Revelations)


Organization: Comitê Popular da Copa e Olimpíadas http://rio.portalpopulardacopa.org.br/revelacoesolimpicas/ <http://rio.portalpopulardacopa.org.br/revelacoesolimpicas/>


16h30 Women in percussion - Roda de Coco (Brazilian traditional popular manifestation) With the participation of Taissa Mattos and Adriana Negrão - Grupo Zanzar RJ


17h Self-managed activities: Bring your idea!


18h Artistic performance – "Tembere" part of the series "Growth of the Game" Artist: Caitlin Fisher


18h15 Round table: Mega-events - Violations and Resistance in Brazil, Russia and Germany


Bárbara Santos - Artistic director of KURINGA - Space for Theater of the Oppressed in Berlin Camila Nobrega 

Intervozes collective - RJ and Freie-Universität Berlin Maria Ustinova - Urban researcher

"Olympia verhindern - in Berlin und überall!" collective

Mediation: Ana Alvarenga - RedeCAU (Carioca Network for Urban Agriculture) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


19h30 Break for breathing: exchanging ideas 20h Artistic performance "Political Games in Brazil" (KURINGA- Space for Theater of the Opressed in Berlin)


20h30 Screening of the miniserie “Contagem Regressiva” (Portuguese with English subtitles) Production: Justiça Global and Couro de Rato Script and Direction: Luis Carlos de Alencar


21h Open final discussion