Mexico: Explosives attack at Headquarters of Business Groups

Salvador Olmos García

In recent weeks, the social war in the Mexican region has reached new levels of deepening conflict immersed in the insurmountable contradiction between life and capital. In this setting of widespread conflict, the path is opened for capital, with all its terrorist arsenal, to besiege territory and natural resources, to devise austerity measures, in short, to attack our means of existence, attacks that in spite of regional differences, come together in a state-capital strategy on a global scale.

Incidents of growing confrontation in the Southern Pacific Mexican region: Michoacán, Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca, confirm the possibility of rupturing social peace and widespread paralysis: barricades, pickets, occupations, sabotage, expropriations, in short, direct attacks on the free circulation of merchandise. We affirm that these struggles do not belong to any unions, parties or NGOs, they are the genuine and necessary expression of rage and contempt for the dictatorship of capital, those in the struggle asserting their refusal to be obedient workers, civic citizens or professional politicians or activists.

Given these conditions it was impossible for the bourgeoisie to keep its arms crossed, it is this decadent class bound together in its cliques, that up until today has not stopped launching emboldened discourses clamoring for the effective dissolution of these spontaneous-organized glimmers of conflict, discourses that have in effect been supported by military operations carried out by their representatives in state institutions, the most obvious evidence of these being the recent operation on June 19 in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, that cost the lives of at least 11 people, murdered by the police, in addition to the dozens of wounded and detained; as well as the cowardly torture and murder of compa Salvador Olmos García in Huajuapán de León, Oaxaca.

That is why on Sunday, July 3, we decided to place explosives at the headquarters of business associations (CANACINTRA, COPARMEX, CCE) causing some damage but, above all, announcing that the revolt centered in Oaxaca has spread, and that the fire will hit their mansions sooner rather than later. In turn, with this we salute the other boycott and sabotage actions that occurred in this country’s city in recent weeks, as well as those to come: strikes in the schools, street blockades by parents and teachers, the picket line on Insurgentes at University City.

No possible solution exists for the oppressed within institutional margins except uncompromising struggle against the state-capital that enables an opening for widespread insurrection which, establishing a dialectical relationship between spontaneity and organization, puts social peace in checkmate in the Mexican region and spreads across the entire globe.

Death to the State/Capital!
Freedom for the Prisoners of Social War!
For Anarchy!

Salvador Olmos García Autonomous Sabotage Group