[P] Racism Kills!

Demoflyer zum 24.02.16 in Potsdam

Call for a demonstration in the 24th of February 2016 in Potsdam
Since the 11th of January 2016 we witness the same ritual every week: the newly formed group „POGIDA“, which is following the Dresden-style of Pegida, mobilizes a mob of extreme right-wing hooligans, conspiracists, racists and so-called „concerned citizens“. They walk around from one part of the city to the other and spread a mixture of racist prejudices, alleged „normal“ claims and whiny paroles. Mostly they are no more than 100 people, but they are well protected by a massive force of police blocking entire districts to traffic, disregarding fundamental rights and trying to prevent resistance by repression.


Let's get out of this ritual! We want to spread our ideas on the streets in an offensive way again. We want to say it clearly, that even POGIDA is just an expression of the racist normal conditions in a capitalistic society. We want to show our rage and our resistance to the tightening of the asylum law and the fortress Europe! Let's call racism by its name and fight for a better world, instead of running after POGIDA every Wednesday. Therefore: Come to our own demonstration in the city centre of Potsdam. There, where the responsible persons are.
Join the demonstration: February 24th at 5pm | Lustgarten (next to Mercure Hotel).

Racism kills, stop the murdering conditions!

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