Raids on the Loose Cannons!


Leipzig, 12.1.: Two to three groups of 100 organized Nazi hooligans from the federal territory beget broken glass in Connewitz. A small warning for a neighborhood still inhabited by a few loose cannons.


Berlin, 13.1.: Five groups of 100 police, without any particular occasion, storm into a house on the Rigaerstraße. According to the statements made by the house’s inhabitants, 8 further houses were raided shortly thereafter. Friedrichshain is a danger zone. For a fairly long time, the police have been sending out snatch squads to hunt suspicious individuals out on the streets. A permanent warning for a neighborhood still inhabited by a few loose cannons.

Now there’s a demo of these loose cannons. It is, mind you, a registered demonstration. Hence a good opportunity for both the saloon communists and their sympathizers to meet each other for once in the street. A good opportunity, especially for students and interns that believe themselves to be lordly with their whimsical musings & ruminations on activism. But also for the wage workers and family people, who are forced to integrate themselves voluntarily. Also for the unemployed that indulge in alcohol. And generally for all the people that sit their asses flat at the endless processions of cultural and political events or watch preposterous antifascist films: Go forth with the loose cannons!

It’s never too late for a bit of recalcitrance. Even though there are too many demonstrations in Berlin: ‘tis surely not false. Of course, the demo could be just as boring as life otherwise. The Autonomen are no longer what they use to be. But its necessary: the more people, the higher the chance for an offensive. There will also supposedly be a crew of hooded daredevils who need a sympathetic bulk of people to veil their mischief. Above all, passivity and impotence are the worst. This paralysis, this fear. So pester your friends: spread the call hither and thither. Build teams and come: punctually, and without kids!

Demonstration, 6. February 2016. Punctually 17:00.
Wagenplatz Rummelplatz, Gürtelstrasse 26, Friedrichshain.