Voigt36 in solidarity with Rigaer94


For months now, the police have been carrying out organized raids and harassments against the people living around Rigaer Strasse. Our friends from Rigaer Strasse 94, Liebigstrasse 34, some flats and house-projects nearby, as well as many residents of the street, are being hit particularly hard.

Yesterday a solidarity meeting was planned where coffee and cakes would be offered. The meeting was prevented and the cakes forbidden. The supporters were contained for 2 hours.
Later there were further searches, inside the house-project Rigaer 94, where furnishings and constructions materials were stolen by the cops/servants/stooges of the State.
These police attacks show no regard for constitutional legitimacy, an attitude which has become common place, and comes with very little surprise. Berlin and its state authority is acting completely irrationally, including countless unexplained racist violations, a total failure of the State Office of Heath and Social Affairs, and the displacement of people by gentrification.

The State and police have already fulfilled their prophecy about a lawless Kiez (neighbourhood) by turning a blind eye to the actions of their military police “chain dogs” who go into houses, destroying and urinating on personal belongings, while denying lawyers and the press access.
Fuck police oppression.

Our solidarity especially goes to the inhabitants of Rigaer 94, Liebig 34 and all the neighbours and house-projects affected.

Greetings and Solidarity from V36.


United we stay!


See you on Feb 6th ||  4p.m.  || Gürtelstraße/Wiesenweg.