protocol #4 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

this is our 4th protocol to form a "lager mobilisation"-group in berlin and maybe later on in brandenburg. again, around 12 people were there - thanks to u all. please add, correct and criticize in the comment section.


protocol #4 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin


1. introduction
2. reports from our weekly action + its to-do-list
3. idea pool
4. weekly action
5. annoucments
6. next meeting



1. introduction

- groups last meetings, their protocols and our goals in progress
- round for personal introdoction


2. reports from our weekly action + its to-do list

- reports from a lager in the eastern of berlin:

- over 600 people living there
- open since 1 week
- we wrote our name
- just one showers exists --> there is a bus everyday which drives the people to a public swimming pool to shower
- they need map and a tour for introduction in the area
- they dont have keys for the rooms so security is on every floor, so people dont steal
- more often and longer medical help is needed
- hierachy in sharing of donation because some of the securties speaks arabic and let the arabic speaking people take benefit from this
- there are some afghan youth (16-17 years old) who are registered as adults to make it easier for the goverment to put them in a general lager and not for youth

- report from the southern of berlin:

- there was no real entry because of the registry and bad timing at lunch time
--> next try will be organized better
--> multitude says there is no need to go neu-kölln

- report from the northern of berlin:

- 150 people are living there; they are from: syria, eritrea, somalia, afghanistan, irak-kurdistan
- u need to give a führungszeugnis (an paper that shows u dont have criminal records) to the lager direction to get active there
- if not registerd, u are not allowed to exchange phone number with people


3. idea pool

- go later to lagers, +4pm, when the kids are back for translation
- check out the working time of the lager direction and go to lagers when they are no there anymore

- print contact-cards with your nr and general an overview map

- lager-mediation groups so people can solve problems

- later: open mic events from the lagers on a big assebmley (vollversammlung), but: this needs a big organization and how to contact every language-group?

- new layout will come soon and we will get our blog and mail-contact on it

- asylum-abc as audio to share in different languages

- workshop for us: learn and give it away

- build an open information-pool

- deutsche-welle german course -> deutsch interactive / internet needed

- freifunk-conncection --> refugee-emancipation

- kib, kub, migrationsrationrat, reach-out ask for legal workshop for 20 people, workshop-and-practice
- N. asks -> no-border-reloaded

- telephone-hotline for legal hepl + translation

- self-defense courses etc. ask people

- continue asking for free rooms for courses


4. weekly action

reports next week.


5. announcements

- thursday, 1th october: second anti-racist/anti-fascist-essambley, 7pm at so36

--> we will be there there in working groups a, b and d:

--> the call
--> protocol from the first essambly:


6. next meeting --> NEW PLACE!

please read our previous protocols too, we dont want to repeat ourselves every time from zero. after third third or fourth protocol there will be a big summary for all ideas so everything is collected on one page. this group is an open group, so please join us, but please dont forget:


“if u are interessted to join and help us instead of talking blabla or “attend another meeting with no practical result”, please come to our next meeting and get active – PUT IT!”


next tuesday/dienstag - 6th october 2015 on 7pm at migrationsrat -


oranienstr. 34
10999 berlin-kreuzberg


right backyard, 2nd floor

please ring the bell "migrationsrat" if the door is closed.

next to u-station: kottbusser tor


berlin, 29. september 2015,


we are one