protocol #3 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

this is our THIRD protocol to form a "lager mobilisation"-group in berlin and maybe later on in brandenburg. again, around 15 people were there - thanks to u all. please add, correct and criticize in the comment section.


I. introduction
II. reports from our weekly action
III. idea pool
IV. weekly action
V. to do
VI. annoucments
VII. next meeting


I. introduction

- groups last meetings, their protocols and our goals in progress
- round for personal introdoction



II. report from our second and third test-action

we went during the last week for two times to a lager a bit outside of berlin in the state of brandenburg; on our first visit we had 8 people and on the second 5 people; here are our reports:

first visit with 8 persons:

- we met with the people outside of the lager in the backyard, because it was a sunny day
- otherwise we had to show our id-cards to security to go in
- we were at the backyard of the building for the singles, there is also one just for families
- we brought some soup and a guitar and ate and talked with people outside

- people from the lager told us:
- they need german classes
- some people told the lager direction that is not ok to put 3 people inside one room and after this argument they were moved to another lager even more outside of berlin
- they need internet connection instead of going alway to the youth club next to the lager --> lager direction denied this before
- some dont have a medical-help-card
- no arabic-translator, a russian-speaking social worker is available
- lager direction doesnt share the toys to the kids anymore, no idea why
- some people were already pushed back (rückschiebung) in the countries they gave their finger prints

two of us met one familiy with small childern in the familiy building, they told us:

- they have the persmission to find a flat in the places next to lager but cant find anything because of the racist flat market
- the lager direction doesnt allow them to bring in a sofa with no reason

second visit with 5 persons:

- we had to show are personal id card and the security registerd our names
- we had a meeting in the kitchen and were talking with albanian and erithrean people
- hierachy in the lager for the helping people is constructed: for example albanian and other people from the so-called "safe home countries" are threated bad because the lager direction knows they well be deported

- legal rights workshops
- people were keen to come out

to do:

--> legal help needed
--> german courses are really needed --> contact multitude
--> german/albanian-translator needed
--> make contact with people who can help for finding a flat
--> people wants to come out
--> people wants just to know other people, not just to
--> contact for people who are in danger of deportation


III. idea pool

- migrationsrat berlin-brandenburg -
--> they offer us a bigger room for own meetings
--> we will meet them so they can offer content for workshops too

- iws - international-women-space -
- they are already doing some organzing on womens issues:
- they build infrastructre for women inside of lagers so they can meet indipendently and the share exprience with them
- idea: it would be nice to help, so people can have d their own spaces for their own issues and communites
- offer: there will be an iws-book soon which we can take and share during our tours in lagers

- multitude -
- they organzize germnan courses, also for women with childerns
- flat searchings for people who has the permission
--> people of our group will talk to multitude

- reach out -
- the offer for workshops
- offer for tickets: they can offer some small money for public-transport-tickets (bvg) - but the tickets are needed to shown back as finance deputy, so some structure ans dicipline is need

different ideas:

- room problms: depends on the content (outside-inside)

- stadt-von-unten-bündnis --> we will cotact them if they plan are going to be realized soon

IV. weekly action

- new plan: we are looking to have more and smaller groups to visit more lagers on different days, for this week we planed 3 tours all inside of berlin
- maybe everyday so eveyone is involved
- oplatz / wedding

V. to do

ask multitude (rooms), kub. stop deportation, etc.

--> reports: next week

VI. annoucments

- theater group (after, mostly weekend from 3pm)
- workshop about new asylum law
- saturday: football cup
- sunday: media-group meeting
- sunday: "stop-deportation-eisenhüttenstadt" are making a festival in eisenhüttenstadt --> please check your mails


VII. next meeting

please read our previous protocols too, we dont want to repeat ourselves every time from zero. after third third or fourth protocol there will be a big summary for all ideas so everything is collected on one page. this group is an open group, so please join us, but please dont forget:


“if u are interessted to join and help us instead of talking blabla or “attend another meeting with no practical result”, please come to our next meeting and get active – PUT IT!”

next meeting: tuesday/dienstag - 29th september 2015 on 7pm at NY-bethanien


berlin, 22 september 2015 -


we are one