Stop Killing Refugees! Actiondays against Racism, Asyllawaggravation and Fortress Europe

Stop Killing Refugees! - Aktionstage gegen Rassismus, Asylgesetzverschärfung und Festung Europa

It's time again: The CDU/CSU and the SPD are once again planning to make the asyllaw even stricter. It is likely that this law will pass in June. The new version of the law will allow for even more deportations and will make incarcerating refugees easier. Refugees will be criminalized for being politically active. If they make it to Europe alive, they're put in jail. This behavior has nothing to do with the human Rights these very parties seem so concerned about when talking about other countries. The situation for refugees in Europe becomes worse and worse and the walls around it even deadlier. The federal government is also continuing it's racist foreign policy, as if racism against the refugees we should protect wasn't enough. In the face of plans to use military force against human traffickers in Libya we, once again, have to take to the streets to show our concern. Our concern about the racist situation that refugees have to face in this country, our concern about the drowning at our borders, our concern about the violence against refugees. We have to stand up against every form of exclusion and oppression!

We, the alliance "Refugee Schul- und Unistreik" call for a variety of actions. On June 19th we call for a minute of silence to remember the deaths of more than 800 refugees who died just off Italy's shore. They died trying to escape the misery our federal government, amongst others, caused. The German economy still profits from their despair. We will not forget them! We will not forget who is responsible for their death!

A demonstration on June 20th the world refugee day. We will assemble in front of the Rathaus Kreuzberg [U Mehringdamm] around 12:00. Our demonstration will join the "Europa. Anders.

Machen." demonstration and move to the government district to disturb those who make these racist laws! Afterwards there will be a concert to raise awareness for this situation.

Since the reasons for flight can be rather complex and many people in Germany are unaware of the dangers that refugees have to face on their way to us as well as their problems over here, we will hold a congress at the TU Berlin. This congress is intended to provide a good overview as well as in depth

information about specific topics like the situation of women. This will be achieved through a variety of workshops. Afterwards we will have a concert with some select artists.


As long as we remain indifferent to the dying at our borders, it will continue. That's why we want you to stand up with us and show that you care about the fate of thousands upon thousands that flee to Europe or die trying. We demand a fair and humane treatment and the right to move wherever they want!


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