Plan to make Australia a nuclear recycling and waste dump

Pro-nuclear South Australia

- aided by government, media, and business. On the 8th of February the South Australian Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill, announced a Royal Commission into Australia’s role in nuclear energy. There’s a call for public comments  on terms of reference. Pronuclear former governor, Kevin Scarce, has been appointed as “independent” head of the inquiry. As yet there is no mention of what scientists etc might be on the panel. Consultations on the terms of reference have begun, with public comment to close on 16 February. Weatherill touted nuclear power for climate change action, though he said it was not economically viable. The better options, he said, were importing and storing radioactive wastes, and uranium enrichment.


Weatherill’s pronuclear conversion sides him with Liberals, and against Labor’s national platform. National Labor leader Bill Shorten opposes the Royal commission proposal. But South Australian Labor Senators defy Labor policy. Former Labor prime minister,  Bob Hawke enthusiastically supports importing nuclear waste into Australia.


Adelaide media, and especially the Murdoch owned Adelaide Advertiser are all for South Australia becoming the world’s nuclear waste dump, with uranium enrichment and fast breeder nuclear reactors.


The ABC – a conundrum. Reliable sources tell me that the 7.30 reporters interviewed Conservation Council members, but yet no item appeared on the 7.30 report. Other national media have been silent about the Royal Commission. Is it being treated as just a South Australian State issue – not a national one?


I could go on at length here. There’s for decades been a solid push of greedy businessmen in South Australia, wanting to turn that state into the world’ nuclear waste hub – the whole nuclear chain. I’ll just mention the latest delighted cry from Business S.A.


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 Climate change and war: twin threats that exacerbate each other. Global warming may be affecting the jet stream, a danger for aircraft, especially any transporting nuclear wastes.


JAPAN is unable to stop highly radioactive waste from flowing out of Fukushima reactors. More approvals are still needed to restart two Japanese nuclear reactors.


The Marshall Islands have lost a nuclear lawsuit against USA. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has joined a coalition for renewable energy, and against nuclear. An India nuclear deal protects USA nuclear companies from legal action after accidents. From Feb 28 – March 1 New York will host a symposium, The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction.


EDF’s financial problems are delaying a decision on proposed new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point. The UK government is bullying Austria over UK subsidies to the nuclear industry. The trial of 2 Russians accused of the 2006 radiation murder of Alexander Litvinenko continues.


The USA sending more nuclear weapons to Europe is the wrong move.


A secret Russia-South Africa nuclear deal has been exposed: details are fearful ones for South Africa. Political factors and funding problems delay South Africa’s new nuclear reactor.


In Canada indigenous Canadians are fighting the uranium mining industry.


In Namibia radiation leakage is feared from a fire in the Rossing uranium mine.


A USA-India agreement raises the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation and nuclear war. India’s Nuclear Liability Law is a major deterrent to USA nuclear companies


 Russia is to help Egypt build ‘a whole new nuclear power industry’. 


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