Athens: School bus and vehicle owned by construction company torched by ‘Eternal students at the University of Anarchist Insurrection/FAI – IRF’


NEITHER HOLIDAYS – NOR UNIVERSITY EXAMS - FIRE TO PRISONS  “I stand here as your declared and unrepentant enemy, I do not beg for your lenience, I do not seek to engage in dialogue with you and your peers. My values are at war with yours, so that every phrase I come out with against you is a razor scoring the masks of your hypocrisy and making clear the position and the role of each of us. You redact hundreds of pages of files and you constantly form new cases, in order to bury us in the prisons of your democracy, for decades.


You are preparing to impose “special detention conditions” on us, which is the only coup missing from the pantheon of “special treatment” (prison transfers, trials, laws), which you create to fight us. The simple laws of physics dictate, that reaction is the consequence of action. Outside this courtroom on free lands, there are rebelious people, comrades for me, terrorists for you, who don’t intend to tolerate our extermination, without making you and your political supervisors bleed first. You can take this as a threat if you like. I believe, that this is the cynical reality. Each option has its own cost. I guess, that, as judges and servants of the law, you would agree with me on this.”
(Nikos Romanos)

Fragment of the statement at the trial for the robbery in Velvento, Kozani



In the frenetic and ever changing social reality that surrounds us, even the scientific consultants of the bellwethers of the capitalist system fall out in their predictions. In addition to the individual geostrategic choices of their peer competitors (Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, etc.) and some flaws and contradictions of the system that appear to be sharpened during the (because of this) exacerbated condition of the ongoing structural crisis, that which crumples the fragile humanitarian masks of statists and refutes, constantly, every certainty about the future, every myth concerning the omnipotence of the state and any idea about the futility of the liberation struggle, is the imponderable factor of the insurgents of this world.


The ‘europeanisation’ of the Greek prison system, the aggravating penal repression of social struggles, the escalation of counter-terrorism policy dictated by interstate police conferences about Justice and National Security, the bounty on the heads of revolutionaries and the recent legal establishment and announcement of the construction of a high security prison (type C) in Domokos, that aims primarily at prisoners involved in cases of armed revolutionary action, are all “signs of the times” and expressions of class domination of the vast majority of formal and informal social institutions controlled by the State and Capital. The global and multi-level, capitalist and cultural restructuring attempted, with the economic crisis as pretext and means, requires social “peace”, mass vassalage, individualization and above all annihilation of “internal enemies”.


There are, however, times when the analyzes are redundant, rage and hatred for the established order become a stream that threatens to drown not only the usurpers of our lives but also every indolent, hypocritical challenger and inactive, indignant humanist. There are no excuses! We are constantly looking for ways to escape the grid of imposition of domination and strive to reclaim moments of an – in advance – alienated life, deregulating and seeking to dismantle the clocks of the social machine, while maintaining an open bet of anarchist revolution and total rupture with the regime.



The imprisoned anarchist urban guerrilla Nikos Romanos, friend of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was present at his murder by the uniformed worm Korkoneas, is one of the dozens of anarchist prisoners of war of the Greek Democracy, who in recent years have faced the inquisitors of the judicial mafia and the special treatment reserved for political enemies of the system, and who boldly defended the project and the values of Anarchy, taking responsibility and having the costs of certain choices stemmed from them, regardless of the jumble of prosecutions against them and the harsh conditions of incarceration, that have implications on their physical existence and freedom.


Since 1st February ’13 when he was arrested after a car chase following the double expropriation of state money along with his comrades G.Mihailidis, A-D.Bourzoukos and D.Politis in the city of Veria and the province of Kozani, comrade Romanos, a member of the Informal Anarchist Federation, is now among those anarchist prisoners who found themselves, and among other people “accused” for participating in armed revolutionary groups, temporarily in Greek prisons for bank robberies, which were chosen as a means of disengagement from the established, time-consuming living solution of wage slavery and of the strengthening of the urban guerrilla warfare.


From the juvenile prison of Avlona, he participated in the national exams and he is now considered – by law – as a student at TEI of Athens and he is entitled to prison leaves in order to attend the courses, which the State refuses to grant him. (A similar example is the case of political prisoner Hercules Kostaris, convicted for involvement in the Revolutionary Organization 17 November, who has taken over 200 regular and educational prison leaves in recent years, which were stopped on the pretext of the runaway of Christodoulos Ksiros). Not having any illusions about the institution of education as a tool of subjugation and domestication of people in the hands of Domination and the role of the university as a factory that produces docile slaves in the service of the capitalist profit and normality, our comrade, who is now in Korydallos prison refusing to unravel the maypole of the responsibilities of the prison council and the special interrogator Nikopoulos, is on a hunger strike since November 10th demanding the granting of his “right”, for a breath of freedom!


Factual solidarity and support in this difficult struggle have already been expressed by the others “arrested for Velvedo case” also with a hunger strike inside the walls. At the same time, a broad, diverse solidarity movement has developed throughout the Greek territory, while public propaganda moves and nocturnal “interventions” are made abroad.



Remembering the axiom of uncertainty in the natural world and rejecting the classical, deterministic conception of the proletarian onslaught at the sky, the centralized organization models of the Struggle and optimistic estimates of a shallow, reformist, idealism of “maturation of the objective conditions”, we are there where ideologies impact on the brutal reality; where the existential rebellion is combined with horizontal and autonomous class struggle with internationalist and anti-state character, as it is manifested in each specific circumstances, becomes an integral part of the social war and seeks to place anarchist characteristics for the war against Authority and the liberation of Man and Nature; there where our conventions and contradictions in everyday life do not prevent us from seeing the tactical utility and to recognize the partiality of “intermediate struggles” and the necessity of organizing the anarchist struggle as a whole, individually and collectively; where only those who were imprisoned, tortured or killed for devoting themselves to the project of social liberation, without bowing their heads, can perceive the nobility of soul and motivation in all its glory; where the consolidation of fear as a permanent emotional state does not find fertile ground and its every germ is forcibly uprooted as a parasite that sucks the evergreen tree of the Revolution; where, at present, the theory meets practice and any trace of doubt regarding answer to the dilemma of the Selection of a submissive life or a life in Battle is nullified in front of the rise of anarchist conscience; we are at the point of no return …


We are inspired by the shooting stars and the courage of the people who fought with the Beast. By night embracing us we charge in hostile territories, creating oases of fire within the social desert. So, in the morning of 1/12, we torched a school bus owned by St. Lawrence College in Ag. Dimitrios. Also, we claim responsibility for the attack with gas canisters, shortly after midnight on 6/12, against a car owned by the construction company Aktor Facility Management (subsidiary of ELLAKTOR group, known for its involvement in mining gold in Skouries, Halkidiki and several cases of pillaging of the natural environment). The attacks will continue.









For the widespread (anti) – social insurgence,

Eternal students at the University of Anarchist Insurrection/FAI – IRF