IFA statement. Against the terror of the State and religion. Freedom for the people.


In Rojava, the west Kurdistan, in Syrian territory, the Islamic State (Isis) attacked the city of Kobane, close to borders of Turkey, and the population i...s now facing the brutality of this authoritarian / obscurantist force.


Kurdistan, and other regions, is affected by violence the Islamic State (ISIS). The resistance of the people is admirable. These are the real forces of progress. There is, indeed, nothing to expect from military games in the United States, the European Union and regional powers. The various States involved are using the area as a battleground for their own strategy and to sell their weapons.

The role of the religious government of Turkey is crucial in the region. It prevents with violence the flow of refugee families then it leaves the Islamist fighters to Syria. So it is clear that Turkish government is effectively in war with the Kurdish people.

In the Kurdish regions, despite the war, a proclaimed "democratic" revolution appears to be taken with a form of "democratic confederalism". All this encourages us to continue our work and our support to the people of Kurdistan, and elsewhere, fighting against religious barbarism and against state oppression. From that position, we are against any military intervention by world or regional powers. We know that any statist intervention will act against social transformations.

Women are heavily invested in all aspects of society and resistance groups. This is a revolution of women against machismo and feudal society. This is probably one of the most important aspects of these events.

DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action), anarchist organisation in Turkey, provide assistance to refugees and those who fight the advance of Islamic State. We call on all anarchist organizations to organize demonstrations in support outside embassies in the street, in every possible place ; to disseminate information and build direct support with anarchist organizations in Turkey, Kurdistan and elsewhere who are fighting against the religious barbarism and state oppression.

For the emancipation of the people.
International solidarity.

CRIFA – International of Anarchist federations.
Roma, 4-5 October 2014