Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre attacked by neo-Nazis

Recently, the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre (MARC) in Northcote was attacked by neo-Nazis. We believe the attack was in response to a recent anti-fascist action which happened in Burwood. More statements may follow from the groups who use the space, but for the moment one of those present has written the following description of what happened.


“At 3pm Monday the 28th of September, several of us were sitting in barricade bookshop when four men entered through the front door. One of them, who was carrying a can of mace, yelled for us to sit down and that they had a message to deliver (he also asked who was in charge!). They proceeded to deliver a message that amounted to threatening that the MARC space would be the first point of call if there was anymore antifa [anti-fascist] activity in Melbourne. They pushed over two bookshelves and swept some zines off the table as they left. They were all characteristic skinhead nazi folks (white, between 20 and 35, well built, shaved heads, tattooed… one even had a ‘screwdriver’ top on, dressed for the occasion). Nobody was hurt, and there was no damage done to the space, just some disorganised books. We were all a bit shaken, but looked after each other.”