[KA] Menschenrechte sind kein Privileg | Human Rights are not a privilege

Human Rights are not a privilege we are refugees accomodated in the container lager at Kuschenweg in Rheinstetten. We want to invite everyone to come to the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Kutschenweg. We will answer your questions and give you a chance to see how we live here and why we are here.

We are all Refugees and we left our countries because of war, repression against us, hunger or persecution.
Our  ordeals of War, Persecution, poverty and hunger that forced the need for  our flight to Europe is connected to western exploitation. 
You know a lot about our countries from the media. You know about thousands of people dying every day in war or because of hunger.
We are humans like you and have to use our right of asylum. We are here as humans in search for protection and dignified life and mean no harm to this society. 
You would use your human right of asylum, like us, if you were under persecution or if your children were nearly dying because of hunger!
It is our right to be here and to get the chance to life in peace as normal humans . We are not animals or people of the third class!
Think about it: You can not go to a shop and buy whatever you want or need. You get a piece of paper from the state and you only can buy food with this "Gutschein". 
One "Gutschein" for food is 35,25 €, if you buy something for twenty Euro then you loose the rest. Would you think this to be fair? Would you want to live like this?
Our kids can not go to school since we are here. They tell us there are no classrooms for our kids. How would you feel if this happened to you?
Some of us walked to Europe on horrible and dangerous ways, through the sea and over land. Some of us are severely traumatized.
We do not expect a role model of democracy and human rigth like Germany to renegade us to the level of sub-human through enforcement of special discriminatory laws that is racially rooted.
We demonstrate together with our friends against the Lager system, against deportation and for the same rights for every human on the planet.
We have a right to stay here and to be safe. A right to live. Come! Speak with us! 
You do not have to ascertain the propaganda that we are dangerous, lazy and criminals without investigating it yourselves.