Announcing Inter Arma’s kick off


Inter Arma is an international counter-information project of New Anarchy. It is international, because we consider that the anarchist war is being fought all over the world, surpassing the boundaries of authority. Because the community of anarchist insurgents is being created and develops based on its own wills and choices and not on the enemy’s linguistic and spatial delimitations. Is is a counter-information project, because we deem necessary the communication between comrades from different countries and directions. Because the diffusion of attack is equally important as the attack itself.


Inter Arma, through its function, promotes the informal organization of anarchist structures. It cooperates with fellow media networks in Greece and abroad, strengthening the dynamics of the international network and increasing its range. It does not intend to be a centralized type of medium, but a junction of counter-information and diffusion that can be assisted by comrades that wish to do so.


Inter Arma clearly promotes the continuous anarchist insurrection. It has nothing to do with propositions for a partial or total management of the existent nor with the groups, bodies or persons expressing them, whether from the left or the anti-authoritarian and the so-called anarchist movement. All kinds of publications follow the above reasoning.