[Aachen] Solidarity Actions: Liège & Satama

Satama Demo

++ Solidarity action in Aachen (Germany) ++ for the squatted Place Saint Lambert (Belgium) ++ for the Roma people and the Satama Social Centre in Helsinki (Finland) ++

On 1th of June we made a solidarity action in Aachen (Germany). On the one hand it was for the people who squatted the Place Saint Lambert in Liège (Belgium). They built a camp which is organized in grass-roots democracy to show solidarity with the Real-Democracy-Now movements in Spain and Greece. On the other hand we wanted to show solidarity with the Roma people and with the Social Centre Satama in Helsiniki (Finland) which shall be evicted soon.


We made a video which can be seen here


The Satama solidarity starts at 1:00 min. On the lower banner it says: "Solidaarisuus ja autonomia" (with an anarcha-feminism-symbol)

We hope the action gives you strength to carry on the fight.


Kunnes kaikki tilat ovat vapaita!

Videos of Place Saint Lambert (in french): Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Indymedia-article about Satama