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black international

How we came up with the concept of «Black International» editions. We certainly have a lot more to do and even more to say. Frequently requested is the answer to the question of “what do we target?”. From the very first day of the imprisonment of each of us we never stopped the production of our speech and our suggestions and imperatives. Through texts, communiques, thoughts, discussions on other texts, pamphlets, translations…


Of course, we do not forget nor never forgot, that theory is a tool which obtains its authentic meaning only when combined with the underlying action. We never wanted to settle for harmless theoretical investigations, nor believed that the acts speak for themselves alone.


They might have imprisoned our bodies but not our ideas, beliefs and values, which will continue to escape through various projects of insubordination. One of these projects is the creation of «Black International” editions, which are supported by us, the imprisoned members of the Anarchist Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, and from certain comrades who every day, every moment, embody practically the value of solidarity.


Together with these comrades we desire to create an anarchist publishing experiment that is not limited only in Greece but tries to spread into the international network of anarchists, into the actual Black International, that now in the year 2012 is a feasible reality.


Besides, through this perspective we were inspired with the name of the editions, desiring that «Black International» will not be limited to shelves and bookcases, but seeks its authentic meaning in the streets, where the history of the Anarchist Insurgency and continuing rebellion is written.


How «Black International» editions will function
In the development of the editions we experience some difficulties which we intend to treat with sincerity and honesty. Our point of view on self-organized, and clearly anti-commercialized projects are fixed and can be easily communicated, within a few words. We do not sell, we share.


For us it would be ideal for the publications to function by being “sponsored” by money expropriated from the enemy. In this way, not only would it be easier to achieve the publication of a book, but even more fundamentally, it would be the best way to connect this project with Anarchist Struggle. But now we are faced with the coercive condition of imprisonment, which does not leave us room to “function” exactly as we desire. So we are forced to finance the publishing and distribution of these publications by putting an optional price.


A price which, however anyone can intervene in whatever way one wishes. For example, in the self-organized spaces where the books will be available they will be accompanied by a box where everyone can contribute regardless of the proposed price that will have been determined by us. As for book stores, the publications may well be useful as a training exercise for expropriation…


Christos Tsakalos
Damianos Bolano
Gerasimos Tsakalos
Giorgios Nikolopoulos
Giorgios Polydoros
Haris Hadzimihelakis
Michalis Nikolopoulos
Olga Ikonomidou
Panagiotis Argyrou
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire of the First Phase
Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front (IAF-IRF)